Lilith in Leo

“Miss Conduct” © Michael Helms Displayed here by kind permission of the artist / Slika je objavljena uz pisanu dozvolu umetnika

“Whatever may befall me some time, I will not dare to say that I have not enjoyed the joys of life!”
Goethe, “Suffers of Young Verter”

Lilith in Leo gives an unreasonlably strong ego in a person. That is why there will always be those that love her and those that hate her. With her formidable charisma, she is able to achieve unbelievable goals and is often in life governed by the principle that “the end justifies all means”. The need to enforce ones own will is very pronounced, which is why they are tactless, impatient, incapable of working in a team and of any kind of compromise. They quickly abandon an old relationship that requires adjustment and effort, consciously running away from situations in which they could be rejected or unnoticed. They are always among people, never alone, but frequently dissatissfied. However, Lilith in Leo is quite dramatic and energetic, so upon first encounter with them people feel as they are overwhelmed by a giant wave of powerful solar energy, free and magnetic. They always want “more out of life”, so they seem as they are taking and snatching from life moments in which they see themselves as the center of the world. Those are the only, true moments of happiness for them, which is why they are often found in the realms of cinema ( Robert de Niro, Brigitte Bardot, Fred Astaire, Uma Thurman), politics (Charles de Gaulle), fashion (Naomi Campbell), sports and music. They don’t see themselves as just ordinary and their greatest desire is to name one whole epoc after themselves, to leave a mark.

They dictate their own style, principles, ways, lead others that willingly and blindly follow and copy them! The best example of this is the fact that two of the greatest icons of the 20th century had Lilith in Leo – Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe! Sometimes (when LI is badly aspected) they see themselves as the Chosen Ones and then the personality tears, they become very dangerous to themselves as well as to others (Charles Manson, leader of the gang that was behind the big massacre in the home of Sharon Tate). Their flair for theatre is unparalelled and they would do anything to be noticed. They embody the creative life force through an inexplicable desire for presenting themselves, participating in all public performances where they can find themselves before other people’s eyes. Then they radiate, dominate and let their Lilith do as she pleases. Like hypnotised, they follow the rythm that leads them to different behaviours, often very eccentric (Jim Morrison, who quickly realised the magnitude and power of his charisma used to sing with his back to the audience, the scandalous NBA player, Denis Rodmann). They can mesmerize others in a heartbeat! They are fabulous storytellers, artists and the world forgives their many lies, since they lie professionally, combining it with elegance and mystery.

Most often the tragic end of a love affair leads them to get better acquainted with their hidden demon and angel. If the gates of life open for them and lead them to the glittering stages, catwalks, lights, they will stay there till the end. They also go through all kinds of thorns and thickets, because in what they love the most, in that which is the object of their greatest obssession and desire lies the secret of evil, most often in the guise of alcohol, drugs, promiscuity (Mick Jagger – “…hot stuff, can’t get enough…”), as well as secret and public enemies, which is why they become the victims of their own fame ( Zoran Djindjic, Arkan, John Kennedy, Princess Diana).

In sex the woman will seek a man that will serve her and fullfill her even smallest desires, who will definitely adore her. It happens that their partner shatters their ego with his strictness and authority, but he liberates their libido, tying them tragically to him. If the great love misses them, they turn to vices or false emotional security through motherhood, and when children grow up and leave, they come back to the problem of love because these women are capable of falling in love at 80 just like girls of 14 because of their emotional immaturity. That is why they get complicated pathological relationships, slaps in public, scandalous relationships, brutal scenes – always before an audience, and while others are still in shock, they behave as nothing had happened.

Men with this position often find themselves in positions of authority. That gives them a furious sexuality, vain, especially in their middle age. Men and women are very energetic and desirable, of a lively sexuality, so they remain sexually active their entire life, and sex is their main elixir of youth (Marquis de Sade, Hugh Heffner – owner and founder of “Playboy” who, at age 77 continues to live with over thirty girls).

Because of their passion for posing, they dress provocatively, undress publicly, have sex in public places, take nude photos etc. They love rituals and they are able to make an event even of the most ordinary, mundane things! Apart from that, their fearlessness and courage in satisfying their spirit can lead them to practice spiritism, to envoke dangerous and demonic forces for which they are convinced can do them no harm, that death does not want them and that they are in fact indestructable! As they represent a neverending and inexhaustable channel through which the truth in the form of cosmic, creative but also destructive energy (as the divine and demonic) is conducted and seeks its manifestation, during the course of their life they will at least once find themselves in a situation to abuse it for achieving even more fame and power! They will ruthlessly impose on others their own ideas, they will consider their experiences as the only valid ones, and although they are exceptional leaders they are not good teachers. They despise the weak and the average, and are incredibly drawn to the strong and powerful. They can never liberate themselves in a true sense of their powerful ego!

Also with Lilith in Leo: Agatha Christie, Pablo Picasso, Myles Davies, Herbert von Karajan, Ian Flemming (creator of the indestructable agent “007”), Ernest Hemingway, Nelson Rockfeller, Julio Iglesias, Boy George, Nelson Piquet, Roberto Beninni.

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