Lilith in Gemini

“Of a Thousand Faces” © Felicia Displayed here by kind permission of the artist / Slika je objavljena uz pisanu dozvolu umetnika

“If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise.”
William Blake

Lilith in Gemini could in short be called – challenging opposites. Every one of us carries within him two natures that are opposed to each other. The need for agressive behaviour belongs to the person who is essentially a coward, just as the most understanding for others will be shown by the loneliest of people. Lilith positioned here gives the possibility for these two opposites to meet. A person with this position constantly feels as if before a mirror that breaks every lie, ego trip, illusion. However, this process does not happen spontaneously and unhindered.

Thousands of thoughts rush and rush, a mental block happens, they fall into pits of the mind, questions rush in and with them also doubt. Since it is a given to be aware of one’s black and white side, a person with Lilith in Gemini will naturally seek the easiest way to beat herself, her weaknesses, faults, bad habits. In time she becomes obssessed with what is good and what is not – thus burdening not only herself but the environment as well. This is especially pronounced in relationships. From the beginning she sees all of the black and white sides of a partner and does not stop criticizing. This is an exceptionally analytical mind that must think. So if it does not create, if it is not completely free in the ways of expression, then it will passionately indulge in small, mundane things and create dramas there! She will be suffocated by her desire for change, since she is in principle a changeable type. By accepting monotony, she only beckons the moment that will inevitably come, and in which, with furious nerves and rebelled, she will destroy all that she has built until then, change her profession, faith, life philosophy and with the unbelievable lightness of “nothing” begin to learn, create, travel, conquer new spaces from the beginning. Curious and superficial, in order to discover the real truths they must dig deeper into their soul, so good psychotherapists are born with this position, especially since they have the power over other people that open up and confide in them voluntarily. They tell them details from every day life, which is why Lilith in Gemini is in the charts of many journalists and media personalities. Because of their strong intuition, they can predict the future on the basis of facts, so it gives exceptional astrologers, numerologists, chiromants and esotherists in general, that can reach their full success only when they believe in what they study, in what they do, because while doubt haunts them, they are not capable of using their oracle capabilities to the fullest. People with Lilith in Gemini are excellent to work with young people, in the media, as animators, imitators, entertainers, actors – since they easily get into other characters. Properly used, it can give a top poet, writer, dramatist. Danger always lurks in traffic because of their passion for speed driving.

People born with Lilith in Gemini get everything with a smile. They seem naive and calculated, lucid and childish. Their communication with others goes from one extreme to the other, from sweetness and kindness to the worst statements, threats and curses. If it is used positively it can give a unique individual that will courageously follow her own way.

Sexuality is here much complicated with the flood of thought that doesn’t allow the psyche to relax, which is why they often resort to (especially in their youth) to alcohol, drugs, various opiates. Thousands of different possiblities come to their mind of which only a small number will actually materialize. Sometimes in the family’s past there was incest, which is why sometimes the love toward a sister or a brother is often pathological, and a husband and wife are further modelled after them. What is true for them is that excitement and sex are most forceful and best in the street, in the car, in the traffic, quickly, unexpectedly, without planning… Already as boys, men like watching pictures of naked women, and since Gemini is the sign most commonly associated with communication – here is where we find hot line girls or the users of their services. They like to animate their partners with talk, provoking their erotic thoughts. But, especially with women, it happens that other introductions into opening the senses are needed, after which everything is easier. Because of their sexual life they can often be the target of gossip, always of the paparazzi (if we are talking about celebrities) and scandals.

Celebrities with Lilith in Gemini: Roman Polanski, Adolph Hitler, Harrison Ford, Frank Sinatra, Pamela Anderson, Zoran Radmilović, Desanka Maksimović, Yoko Ono, Marilyn Manson, Liv Tyler, William Faulkner, Mikka Hakkinen, Ayrton Sena, Michael Schummacher, Juan Pablo Montoya, Nikolaj Velimirovic.

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12 thoughts on “Lilith in Gemini

  1. PopIlluminati kaže:

    Lady Gaga has Lilith in Gemini.

  2. EM kaže:

    Lilith in Gemini – thank you – a near perfect explanation.

  3. rodisgod kaže:

    Lilith Gemini extreamly true, makes my mind wonder to much

  4. (Lilith in Gemini) kaže:

    I am always skeptical but I had an Opoid addiction and was molested by a very close relative. I suppose they were the ones in love. Thanks so much for posing this. This is even more relevant than my sun and ascendant right now. I do find my charts accurate, but I am apt to not follow astrology all that much… I find that my houses do describe personal things very realistically, like those dirty details that are hard to discuss…

    This is explains me accurately. Some (but few) details are unnecessary.

    I am so analytical that I have stress attacks, I find myself mentally dominant so it is hard to make decisions sometimes. I am all mind… I go into my head so much that I lose sight of what I am doing. I like computers and books since they are food for my head. lol

  5. Ann Warder kaže:

    This is so true…
    And now I feel like throwing up…

  6. cap kaže:

    very good my ex has lilith in gemini and cannot stop asking, wondering, making up conclusions, go to the extremes all the time and like to make love in the elevator or in the bus toilette

  7. My mouth is on the floor…wow to us Gemini.

  8. LilithinGemini kaže:

    With my lilith in Gemini most of this doesn’t apply to me… and the few parts that could may also be applied to anyone else.

    1. Narci kaže:

      You might want to consider your other planets and aspects because they can change the affect of another planet/ aspect. I hope this helped or helps.

  9. Narci kaže:

    It’s a good description. It needs work to kinda dumb it down because in some parts it was hard to fallow but I clearly got the message I just consider the fact that not everyone is as smart as me. And yes I think just bout 24/7 and I believe it’s one of the reasons I have a sleeping problem. But I’m also An air sun and air Mercury so my m ind is on the tip top of thinking.

  10. Rejul kaže:

    Joe Smoe Posted on this is a cut and paste article you put in here. Go to any weistbe about gemini and cancer and it’s word for word the same.Thanks for the waste of time. Show some creativity!

  11. Katie kaže:

    This is so accurate I got goosebumps

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