Lilith in Aquarius

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“My doubt is: How could the One Who Loves have decided to make people so guilty as to put his murder on their souls? Couldn’t he have, as the One Who Loves, prevented it and slackened a little…”
Kierkegaard, “Zwei kurze ethischen”

These people feel that they have the absolute monopol over the truth and all they do, say, for them is the only true thing which is why they do not accept different attitudes from the beginning. But through life, usually in their closest environment they have those who will undermine them on this very field, bring down their self confidence. They believe they live a life they chose. They love to find themselves in the role of navigator, to make events happen.

As if they are constantly in a hurry they want it all and they want it now, they don’t have any patience, so the question of stability is very important here and needs to be worked on for years. It will occur that projects they have undertaken for the long run undergo changes more than once. From their perspective everything seems possible, but when the time comes for the action to be performed, they comprehend that it can not be done so quickly and easily as they imagined, so in that sense they are not professional and are usually tardy in performing business tasks. Absolute freedom and independence in work are very important to them.

Here we come across an excessive need for free and revolutionary attitudes and behaviour which they draw from some vision of theirs of how the world should look like (Sid Vicious, founder of anarchy through the punk movement).

They have learned their lesson if they realize on time that the only true and necessary freedom to which they should aspire is the one within them.
Since this is a soul that aspires to individuality, it will always be disappointed when in groups or associations, solidarity actions. They act individually always, but go through various experiences on the social level. They are drawn to big ideas, big actions, so they can naively fall prey to other peoples manipulations. It may happen that they also attract masses, and find themselves in the role of those who offer a hope for a new future, forcing others to have their own visions – for everything is possible! (Neal Armstrong has Lilith in this position, but also David Copperfield). In that sense Lilith can be more charismatic here than in Scorpio, but only if she has something new to offer, whether an invention or idea, vision…

Usually people who have LI in Aquarius find themselves through some strange circumstances, in a situation to aid relatives, parents, brothers and sisters, friends, but also people with whom they are not in especially good relations. Sometimes they can take upon themselves so many obligations and responsibilities for others that they must put their own desires in the background. And yet, frequently they change friends whether through betrayal or circumstances such as moving etc, which will constantly happen here so it is hard to maintain a friendship in the long run. Themselves are great travellers, since they are in principle homeless, they wander, move, change environments, settings and are always surrounded by people of different cultures, religions…

They have great creative capacity and the natal chart will best show in which field this unusual connection of creativity and vision would be best expressed; it is often found in people who practice astrology, writing (Lawrence Darell), movie direction (Wes Craven, Francis Ford Copolla) and they have an extraordinary sense of rythm. They have an interest in humanitarian work in the true sense of the word, not for the sake of achieving some personal satisfaction or glory, but to help others as true cosmopolitans and to contribute to the fullfillment of their vision of a perfect world.

The future is here one big question mark. People with LI in Aquarius should, in regard to the future, be ready to improvise in life under any circumstances, to live from day to day, which they mainly do. The problem with excessive individualism can be an instinctive fear of being tied down and getting into serious love relationships. This person is unfortunately her own greatest enemy, so she forges emotional relationships with people that can influence her in an evolutionary manner.

Besides, Lilith positioned here gives women a condition for sex which is that the partner must be authentic, special. There is frequently love with a ganster, courageous man or a man whose views make him seem strange in the eyes of others. She herself is usually popular in society and does not in any way draw attention to herself. Sex itself is here everything except vulgar and perverse which disgusts them. However men and women with this position are very liberal, they are completely up to speed in their sixties as they were in their twenties. They do not like tradition and conservative people, they will react with rebellion to every ban, but basically this type of personality is not agressive. Imagination is very pronounced here, eroticised completely, she doesn’t need much to get excited, and idealization is pronounced. When a situation materializes, it is hard to relax since the ethereal Aquarius does not let itself easily come down to the physical plain, so the experience of orgasm is here very fast, whimsical, almost in a second. Fantasy is strong, so masturbation is frequent, but healthy since every wanted but unrealized orgasm leaves marks on the psyche. Women are capable of experiencing a series of orgasms in a row, because in longer foreplay they achieve everything while their partner is just preparing for action. Men are frequently surrounded by female company, but don’t easily decide to marry.

In the spiritual sense, Lilith in Aquarius is the electric storm that immediately opens all chakhras, overflows the meridians and the nervous system, so these people power themselves up energetically although they are prone to sudden stressed discharges due to a violent life dynamic. Acupunture, shock therapy, exclusively alternative and never group but only individual techniques of healing are recommended. Their energetic fields seem to incessantly vibrate and fluctuate which they feel as the constant presence of adrenalin, a neverending excitedness. Since they are tuned to very high frequencies they have strong visions and sometimes even prophetic ideas, and they infallibly capture all waves. That is why Lilith in Aquarius is often found in people who contact aliens, have lively astral experiences (sometimes they feel as they are only half present in their body) and get informations from some other dimensions which is why they think they have strong intuition and in fact they are guided from other forces to some actions. Sometimes all of this brings them mental pressure and stressful dreams that are always somehow between reality and dreams. They can even react to home appliances in the sense that they feel their radiation. They are extra sensitive to changes in wheather and the athmospheric pressure and because of their sensitive hearing, they can not stand noise, not even the tiniest disharmonic vibrations.

More celebrities with Lilith in Aquarius: Richard Nixon, Cyndi Crawford, Rudolph Valentino, Marvin Gaye.

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