Translation: Many, many thanks to Maja Miskovic who translate this one as well as many other articles on my website, so that readers from non-Serbian speaking countries may read.

Saturn is in Scorpio in exact trine with Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer – all planets aligning at the 4 degree in the perspective sign.

When? Right now!  J

Saturn is returning, but then he is always returning from somewhere, believing in the eternal returns of everything, claiming that there are no new roads as they all lead to the Same One. And so Saturn in Scorpio is coming back from a funeral. The sorrow of the bereaved tires him. He had been there before, witnessing through centuries the cries and sadness, mass tragedies and epidemics, and watching over and over the pain on the faces of those who stayed, barely thinking of the deceased’s peace, since in his universe, the departed are finally peaceful. And that is why he had whispered to the entire world “RIP” – rest in peace – an acronym with an unmistakable meaning for all of us. Peace and Death are the same. And this Saturn, gazing into the nihil of distress and feeling the loneliness of his own face off with darkness and death, doesn’t even notice his lagging behind the funeral procession. As he almost picks up the pace – but gives up before even trying – a beautiful butterfly touches his shoulder. It tickles his neck, and our Saturn recalls a story told by his grandma about the spirit of a young woman reappearing in the form of a butterfly. “It was always the same butterfly, the one with yellow wings and black dots,” as if he hears grandma’s voice again, Saturn gently offers his open palm to the butterfly.
Faith… crosses Saturn’s mind, and he reminisces again his grandma, who always gave balms to the ill and who was sought after for her medical skills in neighboring villages as well. He recalls the bed-ridden who walked again and everybody talking about it for months, but he, only a child, could not comprehend why it was impossible at all. And only then Saturn acknowledges that he had actually always believed, that for him miracles do not exist. For something to be a miracle you must be a non-believer; hence the miracles mostly happen to non-believers. Yes, because of such faith, he refused to be a teacher when everybody pleaded with him and tried to win him over. He told them: “What I have learned – it’s nothing! You can do it as well! Everybody can do it! I’m neither gifted nor different from any of you. All will come to you as knowledge and craft if it is supposed to and if you want it.” It is all in the want. Upon these words, he folded his arms and saw a huge hospital, right next to the cemetery. All the city hospitals are close to the cemeteries. With his cynical mind he chuckles at this good dark humor, but the wisdom takes over and Saturn realizes this as well: the pain of those who suffer alone in that hospital beckons the faith as well. Pain and faith go hand in hand since the beginnings of times. It is up to us to hear that voice, to see that butterfly, to believe that faith is the most powerful remedy ever given to the humankind. That is why each tradition (Saturn) has its rituals and customs. Without them tradition is mere codex.
And Saturn would continue with his soliloquy for a long time, if it were not for the dashing, exuberant Jupiter, with his suitcases and surprised face as if he saw God himself! Not even waiting to come close by, this Jupiter is spreading his arms, eager for embrace, full of stories from his recent trips through South America: Brazil, Peru, Argentine, where he met the shamans and the rest. And Jupiter is showing Saturn a bottle of booze spiced up with snake poison, guaranteed to cure infertility! Birthing! This is what the world needs – and after embrace, both went off their own ways. Saturn, who saw all the sorrows and burials, encountered the dead more than the alive, and Jupiter, who is going to invest the money – that Neptune in Pisces dropped into his hands – into the maternity ward! Birthing and Death and Faith between them. Eternity and Secret and the message – everything is all right. Everything is always already all right.

An archeologist, alone on the excavation site, has just discovered an entire city. It could be a diver who just found the treasure hidden at the bottom of the sea. Secrets are all around us. And their discovery is never-ending, each of which diminishes our fears and infuses it with faith in life itself.


written by Aleksandra Sanja Peric, 2013.

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