Mars in Aquarius

Translation: Ida Popovski

I think about Mars in Aquarius when watching ski jumps in Garmishpartekinhen, or some super hero that will save the world from disaster. Althought sometimes he is the one that brings on the disaster, in the form of a kamikaze or a terrorist. He has no fear, hence not too much care for his own life or himself. Therefore, since it is generally difficult to live constantly and continuously any Mars, Mars in Aquarius is an especially tough one to live.

To be on the edge constantly…of life, reason and sense of course. Is there any sense? Mars in Aquarius asks himself. And how can I be satisfied with any theory, when I can only find meaning through experimenting or putting myself in hazardous situations. And this God, and all the Gods, angers me because every religion has uttered its path into passivity, and into the following of someone. I do not want to be followed, let alone to be following someone. Can I believe in any God apart from Man as God? After all haven’t all those wars been led, not for the safekeeping of the land or people but for the safekeeping of the one next to you? Even while boarding a plane that would take me to a faraway front, like in that epic scene for “Hair”, I knew that I would be fighting for my friends, and fellow brothers. For the one next to me who’s name and background I know nothing and do not care about, I am willing to give my life, far away from a land, state or president. I know of nothing other than to live, consciously sacrificing and exposing myself to danger, and devoting myself to some humane principle, without serving, but responsibly, because I am here, here and now, in this tense moment, important, epic; this is the moment when I step in, while other people are ruled by fear. I am here to tell them that every person is hero! Not be afraid, not to follow anyone- other than themselves! But I do not present it as a new age thing; I have known this for a long time. And it doesn’t have anything to do with opinions, it is from experience, this is why I want to show them through my example, and lead them through the experience, which will unveil the truth that the only freedom is the one they have fought for themselves! Freedom is not something that was given or offered to you. Those are freedoms that I despise and hate, that I am appalled by, because they are false. They are the trafficking of freedom. This is why I am tense, I have been ready for this leap for centuries, this is why I am misunderstood, and why sometimes I am a gambler or a bomber, and sometimes ready for bravery worth of awe and respect, which I rarely find among people today. But that doesn’t worry me since I have always lived and acted for future generations, who will surely understand, that what you call courage, I call MAN.

To illustrate this aspect, my recomendation is the movie “The Hurt Locker”


written by Aleksandra Sanja Peric, 2013.

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