Venus in Aquarius – A Will to Love

Translation: Maja Miskovic

One’s natal chart and all the images drawn by the planets are the maximum they could reach if we live them through. But we rarely live up to our maximum. We always, without exception, recognize those phenomena only and only when life circumstances align themselves, when life pushes us, or we jump right into it, depending on the aspects. Only then the moment manifests itself, the images start rolling, become alive, just like in the movies.
What is certain is the past. That somewhere there was some grandma, who spoke multiple languages, was an anti-philistine at the time when such a terrible sin could not be forgiven. That there was some grandpa, close to the king himself, serving him honestly and loyally. But whether the contemporary individual from whom the same is required, to – just like his or her ancestors-confront the societal or family norms and reach the heights of those ancestors, an astrologer cannot know. The natal chart is therefore a photo album of life already happened and of which it is only possible to foresee what is coming. But whether the person is ready to recognize that what is coming forward, whether the same person is ready to embrace and consciously accept the recognized difficult aspects of the square, and the risks and sacrifices that come along, we cannot know.

On the psychology level, this Venus will disclose the affinities, we will all recognize ourselves in her, we are going to dig the movie or literature characters that resemble Venus, but all this is most likely not going to look like “destiny” where, we – and I mean men in particular – are becoming that Venus or that Mars.

And to have Venus in Aquarius, the topic I want to write about now when Venus is here and up in the sky, is not at all easy. You are either going to fall for the genius, the elusive, the free spirit, the divorced, the gambler or the thief, the scientist or the pilot, the astrologer, the Nietzsche or the Freud and give him all the freedom you can only to love him more, or you are going to try to tie him down and restrict his freedom, which inasmuch seems natural to women, is fatal here because it destroys Eros, love, and excitement, and which sooner or later means the end. Venus in Aquarius has crossed the line comprehensible to the most. The line discussed about in women’s hair salons. This Venus knows that the moment she was certain was never going to happen is going to happen. She, so free, so her own master. Self-sufficient, but only seemingly, while tolerating betrayal and messiness of a marriage or relationship. But what looks like tolerance is the Eros of Venus in Aquarius. Her own will. Her own choice to love such a man. And no other.

Each planet in Aquarius is easily misunderstood, and so is Venus. It is hard to understand how it feels when Eros has a will, when love loves and chooses willfully, when such will has been ready forever knowing that the moment will come. The moment when Eros must be pushed willfully toward the woman or a man, it does not matter. What does this will mean? It means that nothing is left to chance. Chance only makes the lovers meet, but if neither of them in that passing moment follows his or her will that is for sure felt in the entire apt body, in each tense muscle, when all is ready for a word, a move, a kiss or touch; when all is here to spring up and dance, and repeat the triumphant movie scenes of love encounters – they will part their ways.

It seems as if it was easier in the past for women to experience the love of Venus in Aquarius. The men were more intense. Ready. Less buddies and more manly, capable of charming all the women at the table with a look and a smile. Such love was more certain to happen, because people were less afraid of risks. Everything in Venus must be risky, but what does it mean?  It means that there is absolutely no guarantee that the other side will say yes. That it is going for a kiss, that it will leave its hand in yours, let alone the phone number.

The other day, I met a couple who got married in blue jeans. Their witnesses were random people picked on the street. They know each other for a month. He was sitting at the bar, accidentally heard her talking and that was enough to recognize the will of his Venus in conjunction with Uranus in Scorpio, which is the same as with Venus in Aquarius. And for her, Venus in Sagittarius, again in conjunction with Uranus, it was enough to follow her will, strike a conversation with the man about whom she did not know anything and with whom, barely the day after, she was far away.

Until February11-12, Venus is striding in Aquarius, approaching the square with Saturn and trine with Jupiter. Uranus is here as well to exalt the situation, as if this situation could be exalted even more. It is actually possible, but whether all that remains will be the feeling of a missed or squandered moment (square with Saturn) or the beginning of an unconventional story (trine with Jupiter), depends on these two people only.

When I say Venus in Aquarius, I mean a will to love, I think of this movie and these kinds of encounters.  🙂


written by Aleksandra Sanja Peric, 2013.

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