Venus in Aries

translated by Maja Miskovic

Venus has entered Aries. A woman is turning up her nose, a man is bringing her flowers hoping to get a smile. Cranberries are waiting in a bowl and bladder inflammation is on the way. Hairstylists are busy cutting long hair as this woman appears to join the army. She wants a new look. Only to regret it later. Always. For a while, anyway. This is the story of faithfulness rather than betrayal. This is the principle of temptation, and glee and joy of not giving in easily. This is where faithfulness in relationships is coming from, but only as long as the partners are strong enough to embrace it. These principles are all at work here, especially now when Mars, which is disposited by Venus, is in Virgo. So there you have singles fooling around at work. Somebody new showed up at the workplace. Or a blast from the past returned. It all depends whether we look at Venus or Mars in retrograde. In a few days, between February 14 and 15, when Venus walks into a square with Pluto in Capricorn, the fear of love coming to an end and unprovoked anxiety that those we love could be harmed will spring from subconsciousness. It is also the story of a grandma from the distant  past, who, proud and courageous, sent off her husband to the war, only to burst into tears when her darling was no longer in sight. Venus in Aries are tears shed hidden from the gaze of others. A bottle full of booze falls from the shelf and shatters. A picture falls from the wall and a girl on sleds is afraid of speed and hitting a tree. Therefore, take your children sledding these days, but take them in the area devoid of trees, especially if the children are female. Young women and chaste girls are afraid of men’s genitals, which is the symbol of the tree from that fallen picture.  This is actually the picture of “taking someone’s virginity.” Older and more mature women who are alone are afraid that passion and the burning flame of love are irretrievably gone with their youth, while those who are taken lament that work has killed their beauty and snatched away the fervour.  With Venus in Aries, men are handsome. Beards are shaved off, and a woman, her eyebrow raised, asks, “What’s this supposed to mean”?  Alright, here comes a flower and a smile! When the woman is angry, her man teases and tickles her; when she nags, he strongly pulls her close and – it gets even cuter – begins a clumsy tango; and finally, his hands gripping her waist, he plants a smooch on her lips, puts his hat on, and takes his (female) dog out.

But Venus in Aries is not only about a man and a woman. It is also about two men kissing so passionately that women

are eating their hearts out. Men in a relationship are in a truce while women are in a spat. Sex is a good rescue for both, but only if it pops into their heads.

For all of us though, this is hunger for a kiss; the lips are bitten, the lipstick eaten up. Or it’s just a reverie about it…

Venus in Aries is an ardour and passion of Serge Gainsbourg (Aries) and all his beautiful women, but most of all Jane Birkin, who was 18 years his junior. This is the love of all older men for much younger women, and of course, the other war around.  This is also his, Mon Légionnaire, which Venus in Aries dreams about her entire life …  This is how Gainsbourg sings about it:

I don’t know his name, I don’t know anything about him.
He loved me all night
My legionnaire!
And leaving me to my destiny,
He left in the morning
Full of light!
He was thin, he was handsome
He smelled good like warm sand
My legionnaire!
He had sun on his forehead
That put in his blond hair… Light!

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