What is in Fact, Astrology?

photo: „Oko“ © Sanja Peric

Mile Dupor, written: 1970.

…In the beginning of history, astrology was practiced by the most educated, and ordinary people are unable to see her essence. Even today. Better to say that during the course of history nobody has managed to ascend to its essence. It is taught according to tradition and in modern time it is tested through experience and statistics. And not everything is tested yet. It seems that everywhere else progress of the human thought rules, and only here we are in decadence?! What is the state of affairs today?


That is how our public knows it from daily forecasts in the newspapers. Everyone knows something about the 12 signs and the 12 types of people. Charlataine doctors haven’t managed to drag down medicine so much as to determine 12 diseases.


That’s what learned people call it. The methods are scientific, the results – unscientific. A false astrologer will neatly use the Ephemerides and will knock on symbols. He guesses and finds enough of those who will believe him. He is not afraid to claim what is the way in which Branka was hurt (owner of the chart that is given in the book as a learning example – rem). It is like horary astrology a clear astromanty, a superfluous tiresome excercise with calculus, let him knock on tarot cards.


It happens that an audacious astrologer guesses where the murderer is, where the corpse is, as easily as it is to guess where a mole is placed on the body. The client is being bluffed, believes everything that the guy with the symbols is blabbering about. That puts the naive astrologer at the peril of believing how he has prophetic abilities and every client is in peril of getting fatal suggestions.


If there is a subject toward which the signs are accumulating, it is impossible to counter the prognosis. A bad yearly horoscope to bad natals – will definitely never bring good. In all of the cases where there is an accumulation of unilateral influences, we are as sure as the diagnostician is when signs of the same disease are accumulating.

Based on that, we can even for cases where these accumulations are smaller, give rough estimates, and we will not be wrong. Statistics are helping us. And is that not the same in all sciences that deal in complex subjects, man, society… such as economy, medicine, even metheorology. Astrology is then taller then all of them by a head, since it has a way of peaking into the future.


In here, there is something secluded from the ancient times of our species, the pre-Great Flood wisdoms, whose atavist strings still genetically move in our brains so that the piety of it is pushing us into some new religion. The relationship of Micro and Macro, which the creators of religions are unsuccessfully trying to resolve, seems to have been resolved at the end of some civilization and murkily transferred to our new world. The intellectual segment of the population from the beginning to this day seems to have miraculously kept that tradition. We will soon have the key to deciphering the legendary Hermetica. Untill then, let it practically predict periods of crisis and periods of success, so that we could be prepared.


You, who want astrology for fun, learn by heart the 12 types of signs and the types of planets. Put away the book and entertain your friends by “fortune-telling” with ten matches.

You, who want to seriously study and be of use to people, be careful and always reckon that you are on a slippery road. Not even the data is always certain, let alone your interpretations. Life is too rich and there is always room for an exception. And the most dangerous thing is if people start believing you.

You, who decide to go for the supreme knowledge about man and nature, work quietly, except for yourself.

Only in one institute of serious scientists that will know more about astrology, will it be possible to speak openly. That is where we will connect our latter knowledge to the initial one – and move forward.

Every gene has the tendency to develop, all of them together the legacy of the type.

Every aspect – sign directs the mutation of development, all of them together the direction of character – destiny.

The socio-geographic environment influences corrections of both and gives a framework within which character and destiny can move.

Man is the latter expression of the overall development of the Universe and as the son of the deity of Time carries within him the cognaissance of time: he can research, plan, direct …

Do not joke.

“ The greatest secret to another man is man ” (Njegos). We are capable of determining in rough future events for very crude types that live insticntively, or for all the rest when the signs accumulate toward one meaning. Otherwise:

“ Everyone moves in a regular way,
in his freedom, according to chart…”
says Tin. (Ujevic, the poet)

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