Parental Love

Sometimes not even the astrologers have it easy…for what can you say or advise when a man realistically has nothing but wants everything. He looks at me as if I am the Wizard of Oz that should be able to chase the mist and clouds out of his life with one move. And that I can not do. Every one of us will live the minimum of minimums that he has been given in one way or another. Of course the maximum of maximums is also given to us – but rare are those that are ready to strive to that pinnacle….

The question alone helps identify whether we are talking about a man that swims in the sea of minimum things and events (endlessly waiting for something big to happen and change him), but only rarely come those in whose questions I recognize the presence of courage and vision, which means that they have sailed away from the harbor that didn’t give them enough satisfaction and now, like small ships, they search and wait to become what they long feel they are carrying within them. One on the most frequent questions is “Will I graduate from university?” And then … when I accept this question, I usually say that when a person does not have the misfortune to be betrayed by his ideals, he will always graduate from university and all other studies – even with the worst of charts! For, in order to graduate from university, it must present the materialized image of the persons character. If they are not “matched”, then we analyze whether there is obstinacy, perserverance, sometimes fear of parents as a motive for graduation. To some I couragously advise to make a change in their choice – in cases when it is possible and realistic, but if often is not…Anyway, I encounter more and more young people today that take up some sort of management, marketing…over night we became the country with the most merchants and managers. While the real talents of all of those people are lying somewhere buried and are slowly extinguishing. The man forgets them, but they do not forget themselves, which is why they will beckon layoffs in the forties, problems, vices. It is especially teriffying what some parents do nowadays (especially the richer ones). They close the door to their own children only because they want their offspring to graduate from some foreign, expensive, practical school. And freedom of choice is condemned to a prison, together with all of the books, movies, authorities that young people today do not recognize since they are hipnotised all around with stories of the power of money and brought up to recognize only money as the truth and something worth recognizing. And so they subconsiously suffer. So if they are at all dreamers, fantasts, if they have the potential to become writers, artists, but guided by their parents’ stick they end up at Karic of on Megatrend (to separate this name into two words and…feel disgust!) with the passing of years will escape to vices. To rambling, to chaos.

There was a time when a man could graduate from Law or Business and in parallel successfully develop his hobbies and interests. Today – that is hard to do. You graduate from some short term school, there is a shortage of time, so the young people are the true victims of a nation that has systematically destroyed its descendants for the past decade and a half. By ruining the tranquility that is the condition for faith and ideal and vision, fear that choses the most minimal and most dangerous is born and leads to rambling and the degradation of the spirit. To lose your spirit for money is a normal thing for young people nowadays. But tell me, what is a gift, a talent if not the most valuable thing that every one of us carries? So by throwing away their gift, they through themselves away, exposed to a reality overflowing with temptation, without a value system that could save them, their life ressembles a fall into the abyss. That is why I like those that come for their chart at 15, although some astrologers consider that unethical. Maybe once a person became mature at 18, but those who live in Serbia mature at 13…I tell you! And that is why I love it and I am happy when such a young face starts his sentence with “I have a problem with my parents…they don’t allow me to enroll in psychology…”

That is why G. is one of my favourite clients. Actually the whole family. They came from Croatia. The sea. The nineties and wars have left many without anything, forcing them to start from scratch. Can you imagine how much fear there is in a family that has lost everything, started from the beginning, and there is not three of them – but five. First he came to me by himself. He heard about me from his professor, my client. It was easy to communicate, since he had grown up a long time ago, mature and with an understanding given by the Sun in Virgo (in the Third House) with a strong Sagittarius in his chart and a trine of the ruling Mercury from Virgo with Jupiter in Capricorn. Pain? Suffering? He is not the first, it is all deja-vu. From the life of the most miserable and poor, turned into images (ASC Cancer) we could talk about photography, with an accent on documentary photography that portrays the characters many will pass without turning, who he will always see; to the black wave and Kassovitz, to the messages that such movies carry. He talked about acting that he did as an amateur, his love for movies…he actually also loves psychology. Because he loves people. He was then fourth grade of high school, but …where to then?

Without protection or connections, from a family in which honesty and order prevail, with a mother that is seemingly there only to constantly remind of ethics and true values (Moon in Capricorn), with a father that has in the course of his life made and built everything on his own, and then left it behind and started not once, but a hundred times from scratch, but always completely honestly and purely ( Sun in Virgo trine Jupiter and square Mars/Uranus from Sagittarius in House Six). It was not hard to help him chase away his small clouds and clarify his vision, and to go away from me with the idea to study movie directing. However, the parents should be informed. Luckily in their household things were always discussed, talked about…it wasn’t therefore hard to communicate the news, but it was difficult to convince them that it would not be a mistake. What if? No reason for anger, since in a family where fear of tomorrow had empirically developed, in a home that has been through having and not having, it was only normal for Business to be more popular than movie directing that will secure only-God-knows -what-kind-of-a-living, not to mention the fact that it is one of the most expensive faculties.

Before he enrolled, all four showed up. And there, before them, G and I talked about movies, directing, cameras and festivals, authorities and movie directors. You know, maybe your child is into some sport, maybe he loves photography, maybe he writes a blog and you look upon all of that as his hobby, area of interest, something informal. But trust me that it is precisely in these hours of leisure, in what he does then and occupies himself with, that your child gives away who he truly is. That’s why parents should keep their eyes open in these situations and watch closely, although it is often quite opposite. Anyhow, G’s parents have here, at my place, now seeing their child in a completely new light, while he sounded like someone who is already a student of movie directing, started believing for themselves in his vision. Since we are talking about people that have carried suffering in their souls for centuries in the past, which now means absolute good, because when suffering exists for too long in someone’s genes, it in time transforms into an absolute power of accepting everything, so they said : “Let be what must be…”. G enrolled into movie directing and already in his first year of study he became the top in his class. A year ago he brought me his first movie that was rewarded on nine festivals. In the meantime, it may have received even more rewards. He is now preparing his final exam. What I wanted to say with this text is that it is necessary to have faith and not be selfish with our own child. Young people do not make mistakes with their choices, they are blinded by their own parents. That is what hurts me. That is why I know that G was saved by the love of his parents. As will, I hope, some others also be…

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