CERN: Mission Or Delusion

Geneva, September 10, 2008. The first beam in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN1 was successfully steered around the full 27 kilometres of the world’s most powerful particle accelerator at 10:28 this morning.

Let us first see what this is really about….excerpts are from the press and the internet:

“Scientists expect the experiment to last from 15 to 20 years, and the maximum projected energy will be achieved only in 2010.
The aim of the experiment is to simulate the Big Bang under conditions similar to those that existed for a billionth part of a second after the creation of Space.

Proton flow in the accelerator, a 27 km long tunnel with a vacuum pipe located 100 metres under the Swiss-French border, will first move in one and then in the opposite direction in order to test the porosity of the route. In the following weeks accelerated beams of protons will be sent in both directions in order to create a collision which will release energy as well as a large number of particles that existed after the Big Bang. Special detectors will track billions of particles created after the collision and note how they merge, bounce off each other or simply disappear.

The project is worth nine billion dollars and 7000 physicists participated in its development.

The LHC device uses large magnets for firing the particles. Acceleration of the particles is achieved through the superconductivity achieved in the hollow linear element made of niobium. Its walls are filled with liquid helium, activated by electromagnetic waves.”

“For the first time ever we can manipulate energy in experimental conditions, repeat the experiment, try things out and change them in order to see what were the elements and what their interactions were when the Universe was created”, says Dragan Popovic of the Institute of Physics.

The measurements should give scientists the opportunity to foresee the further development of the Universe and to find the Higgs boson, the particle that is key for the explanation of mass and the essence of the Universe which is why it is also called “God’s particle”. But, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking bet 100 dollars that CERN will not discover the Higgs boson.

Some physicists expressed fear that, in case something goes wrong, the scientists in CERN could create a Black Hole that would engulf the Earth. Hawking, however, said that the chances are less than 1% for the device to produce a Black Hole, and even in the event that it would happen, it would disappear in a fragment of a second before it could do any damage.

If all goes well, the first proton collisions in the worlds biggest accelerator, named the Large Hadron Collider, can be expected at earliest on October 21st.


That is what the press says. And what about astrology?

This chart shows the moment of the beginning of the project. It’s release. In the domain of science it is always necessary to consult Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and of course, Mercury who speaks of communication, mechanisms, speed, going through, ease, or everything that is opposite to this if it is not well aspected – and here we see that it is not. Although there is an applied trigon with Neptune in Aquarius, which will manifest itself through the media and the enormous popularity and publicity that this event will generate, Mercury is nevertheless found in an exact conjuction with Mars, which will surely disturb the flow, bring about cessations and breaks when they are least expected, heat, vibrations, imbalances in every sense; now all of that can be applied to CERN and the entire project. Mercury is also relevant because he is the ruler of this chart, since Mercury rules Virgo, and the event carries the energy of Virgo, so since it is further square Jupiter in the house of its detriment – Twelfth, everything that should be crystal clear is not here, all that is planned to be completed according to precise and predetermined steps (“step by step”) will now flow completely differently, since Jupiter starts from the problem, so it seems that the finish itself will be easy, while the beginning will be quite hard and complicated.

Since there is a mention of 2010, it is interesting that Uranus will then enter into an exact Square with Pluto from this chart, on 28 degrees of Sagittarius.

Where is the Big Bang in this chart? Every simulation is connected with Neptune. The cradle of the beginning of the Universe is house 4, and Neptune himself in the Fourth House and in the sign of Aquarius gives a lot of answers. On the one hand those are scientists (Aquarius – Uranus) from the whole world “playing God” (Neptune and the Creator, since it is in the Fourth House that represents the beginning of the beginning, and what our engineers and inventors have set out to discover is like the Holy Grail, the beginning of creation, the particle of the birth of the world). That position of Neptune in the Fourth House is also 100m under ground (darkness and depth – IC) near a lake (Moon in Capricorn in the Third House) a plant and tunnel with vacuum pipes (Pluto in House Three) down which protons will move.

Acceleration itself is Uranus. The opposition that Uranus will have with Saturn tells us about sudden stops, in fact of collisions that will be induced. Proton particles that move in opposite directions and collide at hightest speeds are now as crash test dummies, that can be “derailed” from the path they are going down and create a blockage, problem or explosion.

Planets in Libra will surely, with an emphasized third house, as I have already said, produce media attention – of dramatic proportions, and of course, as is common in such cases, generate large profit from it.

This is a link to the text from January 2001 when, after 11 years, the CERN project was temporarily halted and when hope was lost that “God’s particle” will be traced. On CERN’s official website you will find the axiom:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Is this not a true image of Neptune in Aquarius?

This is the image of the beginning of work of manufacturing the plant from the fifties…

Not to forget that the making of the tunnel, which is mentioned, began in 1985, when Pluto entered Scorpio, and was completed after three years.
In reality, work on this project began in July 1989.
What we should not forget is the chart of CERN itself, that was founded 29th September, 1954 (at an unknown hour, so I took it to be -noon).

In January 2001, when the whole project was halted, Mars was in Scorpio on the Saturn from the natal chart and Saturn was in Taurus square Pluto.

Whatever it is, I do not believe in this experiment, and I don’t since the scientists themselves here are clearly losing faith, whether we look at them in this other chart, through Uranus square Neptune, or in the upper chart as Uranus in Pisces in opposition with Saturn, so if we can already see that they themselves will be surprised, that means that something will go – maybe not wrong, but surely not according to plan and their expectations, because here there is a surprise in stall for the scientists – litterally, “ as thay have seen the face of Gof himself”, and may even shame themselves because of the opposition with Saturn. The conjunction of Moon and Jupiter or in the other chart, that of Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer is the individual struggle for the Nobel prize and for the individual entry of every one of them in history, and that kind of struggle, the more individualistic it is, the less mission it has, and the lesser the mission the lesser the success.

In some archives, I have seen that the first proton – proton collider experiment was carried out in January 1971, so again when Saturn was in Taurus, and Mars in Scorpio. I am not extremely savvy concerning physics, but if there is something that could represent the force of gravity, that is very important in experiments – Saturn in Taurus sounds quite good to me…And now the first collisions and first explosions are expected by the end of October (around the 21st ) and then also (although from October 5th already) Mars in Scorpio will again be in the sky, that was also in a number of other chronological comparisons – as far as I have managed to see, was in the sky when important events connected to CERN happened. Uranus from Pisces trine Jupiter / Uranus in Cancer will certainly bring big, unimaginable money, possibly awards, commendations, it is as clear as day that the scientists here are after Nobel, chasing glory and making their name eternal, but Neptune can not be easily fooled, for who can fool Neptune? Who can con the biggest con artist and illusionist but also God himself, who we sometimes have faith in and sometimes not, and who is now just about to enter an opposition with Pluto from this chart, and it’s as if this battle is fought by God and an energy that has only one ambition from Pluto – which is to die in order to be reborn, but it is now losing strength until it comes to a complete halt and quiet. Energy will stop, Pluto will give up now and the psyche of science from Neptune Aquarius will remain desperate and disappointed. But then, when all seems lost, anihilated, senseless, when emptiness engulfs all, something that is apart from the scientists mindset and ideas, different from their every written down vision, will materialize. Neptune – as God himself – will now, little by little, initiate energy and do something that will only put new questions before the intelligent and genius minds of the world, which they have not in the least considered. For a secret, even when told, has a further ambition to give birth to a new secret.

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