Jupiter in Libra – The Power of Moderation

“…All that is joyous dances in the sun, and all dances in rythm and harmony.
Dance, it means an overflowing cup of strength and the will to live…”
(Jovan Ducic “Mornings from Leutar”)

The time of Sagittarius’ rule, that lasts from November 22nd to December 21st is always entwined with an ever new energy that shines its positive and optimistic aura taking away the pain and tragedy of Scorpio. People become more relaxed, the Faith in Good is restored, Faith in Love, Justice, God, so it’s no surprise that the majority of Slavas are happening in this period. Reconciled to the inevitability of the Scorpio fate, we all enter in a strange peace of spirit enobled by the flickering joy because of one thing – that we are alive and that all that is before us is an uncertainty that offers new possiblities, new joys, new hopes…Fearless we go forward, spreading Faith and Goodwill, which is especially typical of people born under the sign of Sagittarius. Every year Jupiter moves from one sign to another and depending on the sign in question – we can see what it is that will that year be enriched with spirit and gaiety.

I remember when Jupiter entered the flock of Virgo. I thought: this isn’t bad, people will return to knowledge, books, learning, logic, the joy of thought may set in motion their perhaps lost optimism. But, the clouds of doubt overshadowed people. Every new discovery and every new thought awakened doubt, destroyed the faith in Good, and as himself, Jupiter – is a being for good not evil, he got caught in the trap of his own positive ideology. And it was hard for me to look upon the faces of my clients that struggled to understand and comprehend what is in fact happening to them, why has the moment come for them to lower their criteria, to put existence before spirit, that the advantage was given to pragmatism and their unyielding struggle for money. Engulfed in troubles of their every day life, people didn’t have the will, motivation or enthusiasm to acquire any new knowledge, but were striving to keep the bare minimum that surely no one could strip them of – honesty.

Somewhere around the end of September, Jupiter left behind the constellation of Virgo and the gates of Libra festively opened up before him. Libra as a sign represents the synonym of beauty, art, elegance, tenderness, charm, love, music, fashion, public, politics, rhetoric, public appearance, tact, diplomacy, and “divine justice”, the one that puts the scales in the hands of Osiris, Archangel Michael or blindfolded Justice itself who, with scales in one hand and sword in the other, measures the innocence of the soul.

As Libra is also the sign that represents social activities, other people, the world around us and our relationship with this world, the moment has come for us to experience our unity with the environment, with the people around us, with the whole planet in a completely open and natural way, through recognition of natural rythms and rules. Frankly, at the same time, as we recognize ourselves as creatures of nature, we will become very sensitive to all the deviations that are present around us, but also for the values that our environment offers us. A lot of it may seem attractive and easy to incorporate in the predetermined image that we have of ourself. At the same time, we will allow the current social factors : fashion, ideologies, needs, to dictate our choice without even being aware of it beforehand. The opportunity has been offered for us to immerse into the available models of the collective culture. If we accept them, we will only confirm that we are well integrated into the existing systems, we formally become the members of the communities and groups in the framework of which we further work on cultivating our capabilities. If we reject them, we will re-confirm that everything that is established has its alternative that is in no way bad or undesirable, but is only a quantum of the new, that somewhere deep inside is waiting for its explosion. And as such, we will also, less publicly, and more secretly and from the shadows, find ways to inspire others through our insight, or be inspired by others who are like that.

Collaboration is an important ingredient in all, as is the awareness that the highest goals can be achieved only through working with others. Others can now see our efforts and aspirations and we soon gain a faithful public that will support us. A conscious desire will develop in some to climb to the top of the social hierarchy. But it is necessary to be able to see when we are substituting strength and perserverance with an inappropriate ease, whether it is in the guise of thrilled political activism or the potential for creative expression and creation in art, the most common of which are music, painting, movies, dance or other scenic and visual art supported by great imagination, creativity and a refined sense of rythm.
However, in order for any of our ambitions to be satisfied, it is necessary that we, prior to that, master the skill of doing our everyday chores, because only after that the reward in the form of materialization of our initial idea will arrive. People often abhore routine and boring tasks, but even the most creative job contains a routine that enables the successful result of a project, and that we could now not be able to easily handle if it wasn’t for Jupiter’s stay in Virgo last year that has taught us how.

Public acknowledgment seems very important now since it brings a concrete affirmation of success. But since no victory is guaranteed, defeat is also possible that would only fortify the boundaries of the reserve that we put ourselves in, accepting the existing forms, formulas, principles of living, turning them into something necessary and sufficient for us and attaching ourselves more firmly to the earthly level of pleasure, not allowing our faith and strength of spirit to take us up to the top.

In a big war, Man’s higher and lower nature are in continuous struggle, light and darkness, so as the sign of Jupiter’s current home is dual – both sides are equally strong. On the one side, true skill is now to succeed living the earthly life while elevating the spirit, to possess a refined style so every action would exude sofistication, become aware that we possess a wide spectre of various knowledge that we can use for the purpose of cultivating society and our own life. On the other hand, negative expression leads individuals to see themselves as undisputable authorities and fight selfishly for their own interests, at the cost of breaking ethical and other principles, as well as laws, while they will look at others condescendingly, occasionally losing control over themselves. Harmony is now primary, and finding true pleasures in life, so it is necessary to determine what the skill of pleasure is for every one of us, through which we will alleviate present tensions. In other words, readiness for various actions that have a certain form of relaxation as their goal. But, this also can have another side, so we should be cautious and not abandon ourselves at all costs to relaxation and the need for pleasure. In a negative context, this leads to a constant preocupation with empty fun that yields no true satisfaction or fullfillment, so an overbearing confidence could lead to the loss of all caution. It may seem to you that the most important thing now is to be popular and seen, not chosing the means to do so. The drive for pleasure would, in that case guide you to give a lot of attention to trivial pleasures…We are in the public eye, we are all on a stage and are trying in the manner of Libra, to seduce and enchant others. That is why it is important to master the skill of seduction, in order to use our hidden talents efficiently, not instinctively. It is very important at this time to present ourselves as original and inspirational and show that we are in some way special. In this sense, seduction is used to fascinate and represents the basis of social interaction that is geared toward making some sort of profit, which is why the time of Jupiter’s transit through the sign of Libra is very important for all marketing agencies, managers, diplomats, politicians, merchants, public figures and also for artists that will now recieve the recognition of the public, fame etc.

If you do not work on your image, originality, style, everything becomes boring and threatens failure, because the person cannot penetrate behind the scenes of false ideals that surround him. Even more so because he will trap himself in his own narcissism and personal pleasures, consiously and emotionlessly manipulating others’ lives for his own benefit.

In personal relationships it will now be easier for us to comprehend that every falling in love contains a necessary choice of who we will fall in love with, so no relationship is accidental or one-way. We have to bare in mind that this kind of male – female relationship is not only sexual. Sexuality would be a lower level of the wholeness of this relationship. Now our partner becomes our mirror. He is a flawless reflection of our own sincerity. Precisely for that reason, emotional relationships in the next year will have to pass the exam of Jupiter in Libra, just as in a courtroom, where someone is measuring their strength behind their back. Although Jupiter becomes giddy and lighthearted, he covertly carries within him an ubreakable strictness and morality, so by the end will enable durability only to those couples that accept the complexity of human nature and the diversity of us all, as well as the fact that every relationship is made of two, not one. Otherwise, every attempt of transforming and manipulating your partner, striving to adapt him to ourself and our need will end in the cul-de-sac of our fears, suspicions and doubts, so a lot of people will easily be alone by the end of next year. In the following months, Jupiter will surely create more relationships, sweethearts will be everywhere, but only those who have passed the test of sincerity and faith will end up before the preacher, but don’t forget that he will easily change his costume from the “one who joins” to put on the judge’s robe and, without a guilty consious, set apart once and for all, those who can not be with one another.

That is why it is most important to attain inner stability first, surround yourself with beauty, laughter. Appear balanced and naturally, wisely and with a smile solve the biggest conflicts with your partner. For Jupiter is faith in Good. A being that strives for the positive things, that hopes that everything will end well, truly convinced that every man carries within him a seed made of Love and Good.

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