Lilith in Libra

image: „Pure Love“ © Csaba Markus
Displayed here by permission of the artist / Slika je objavljena uz dozvolu umetnika.

“ Oh, women, women! You complain that we are unfaithful to you! But every cuningness that we use, we have stolen from you!”

Pierre Choderlos de Laclos “The Dangerous Liaisons”

Lilith in Libra gives people that are very receptive to outside influences, other people’s opinions and demands, which first puts them in the unenviable position of subordinating to the will of others. They find it very difficult to determine their position in relation to other people, which is why their behaviours often vary depending on how others, and most of all their romantic partner, relates to them. This is why this position of Lilith can bring pathological indecisiveness and a fear of making any kind of decision, which is why they frequently express themselves ambivalently, thinking that is the way to evade complications.

Women with Lilith in Libra especially seek to seduce men, using all available means. They are proud, they know the meaning of a lovely, bouncy walk, and body talk is their specialty, for they know very well that every move has a hidden meaning. When they feel helpless or rejected, they can be ruthless, capable of anything just in order to, if they themselves can not be happy, spoil someone else’s happiness.

A person with LI in Libra will suffer a lot through life because of injustice, since she sees herself as a fighter for social justice and equality. She will often be accused by others or she will experience some sort of defeat, breakdown of ambitions and desires since the attention that is given to her still isn’t enough. For each of her actions she finds justification since she sees herself as extremely just, similar to the egyptian Maat or Blindfolded Justice. Lilith in Libra truly sees the truth with her inner eye. She aspires to connect the opposite sides, to reconcile opposite principles that are seemingly ireconcilable (Nelson Mandela had Lilith positioned here). These people are prone to media, they are inclined to diplomacy, professionals that exert their influence over others, over the masses, they are good public speakers, popular, especially if they are in the mass media (Oprah Winfrey). A public life is essential, they can not live without an audience and others, so seclusion and a sort of creative dedication is non existant here. Everything is just a glamorous desire for applause and accepting the love of a partner, family, friends and the entire world.

This person has, however, a pronounced sensuality and artistic talent that pertains mostly to acting, music and dance (John Travolta, Eric Clapton, Ricky Martin, Kim Basinger, Albert Finney, Winona Ryder), as well as politics, diplomacy (Mata Hari managed to unite all of it, skillfully balancing between two opposing sides). This person may seem strong on the outside, but inside things stand on quite wobbly legs. Lilith in Libra will be a positive influence only when the person manages to develop an uncompromising faith and love toward the whole of humanity and pulls away from her greatest sin – laziness. Only when she becomes ready to, wholeheartedly act for others, without constantly obssessing over her own whims, she will discover perfect peace and the essence of primal love, without yearning for accolades from the entire world (Nikola Tesla).

The main goal here is therefore to accept others without denying their own identity. Sometimes they are inclined to burden themselves with various memberships, groups, associations and other means of actively living a public life, while their private life suffers and then they condemn themselves to long solitudes denying the meaning of marriage and commitment. Also, because she is overly focused on the world around her, this person often projects her own whims on the environment by condemning what she sees in others. She will force justice and her convictions at all cost. In a partnership she will act strangely, putting up boundaries and rules of behaviour at the very onset. Almost regularly her partner will be a possessive and extremely difficult person, someone who is her complete opposite, who will prove his commitment through impulsive and agressive behaviour, and unreasonable reactions that will further undermine her self confidence and certainty in the existence of constant emotions. And the bigger the insecurity, the greater and more obsessive is the need to be adored and loved in this way, to be possessed, the object of another’s love, passion, desire and yearning. This is exactly how these people think, especially women who sooner or later sail into the net of a crafty seducer, experienced and charming man, who often times beside him already has another woman when he appears in their life. These are also women of fatal beauty which can, at some point in time, be their detriment, either because of a jealous husband or a maniac that may overtake them. Especially problems of a sexual nature spoil harmony and then a mutual consious hurting and mistreating takes place, especially in the generation 71/72 since they have in the same sign the planets UR and PL that will only intensify the influence of LI. Often times one person is not enough to fullfill the need for love of these people, so there is always a chance for some new love, countless little affairs in which they will to the utmost try to fascinate, charm and seduce the other side. Paralyzed at the beginning, the person must find ways to express her emotions without fear of pain. Every nine years there comes a new opportunity to achieve this, through new relationships and relations, greater life changes that, each in its own way, enable easier self expression.

Apart from those cited, these celebrities were also born with Lilith in Libra: Bianca Jagger, J.R.R.Tolkin, Zubin Mehta, Andy Warhol, Gari Casparov, Marconi, Bruce McLaren, Pearl Buck, Jim Clark.

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