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Codex Leicester – Leonardo da Vinci

leonardo da vinci

credits:  © Seth Joel/CORBIS

Leonardo argues against traditional theory that the surface of the moon is polished like a mirror, and on flio 30r he continues his arguments, concluding that the moon’s lesser luminosity is due to the texture of its watery surface. 7v SYNOPSIS: Leonardo here treats practical problems on the subject of rising and falling water. How does one arrange the escarpments of bridge pillars so that the current’s movement won’t destroy them? This question provides a context for understanding his intense interest in river currents, including the complexity of eddies and whirlpools that form around obstacles, the configurations of riverbanks, and the confluence of separate water flows. The last paragraph on this page is about the moon. Referring to the action of light and the observer’s static position, Leonardo notes that light travels in all direction.

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