Jupiter in Pisces

It is here everytime when the sea erases the traces in the sand because everything is temporary except oblivion.

Or when we completely lost sight of the ship on the open sea.

It is here when it’s easier to keep quiet.

When you smile with relief, because this life remain to stay as a big, big secret.

Or when you’re looking for something that can’t be found, and yet you find it.

It is here when you always give a bigger (or better) part to someone.

When you skip the excuses and say come on, I will, it’s fine.. or when you’re looking for excuses and it’s getting harder and harder, and then you realize that you’ve put one obligation into another that just waits for you in a few days.

When everything is YES and a peaceful dream is a reward.

It is here when a child asks about existing of anything.

Or when a grown man asks himself „do I exist?“

It is WHY identity is a fluid and moments when you know that you are one of these and those, like a collage from all different places, times and faces. And when you know that Picasso is a fluid and that every city is a fluid and that we are every man and every woman and every child.

That we are multiverse.

And why it’s much better that we don’t know something …

Also, It is reason why lies have short legs.

This is a point where principles get tired and differences can’t be seen… neither among places, nor among men, nor among the ages.

It is here when we are no longer afraid.

Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13th.

The guardian of those who do not know where they will sleep tonight. An inner guide that led us to a certan person, a profession, a city so we met ourselves.

The one that makes us wander.

One that does not allow us to become tough or ever be so sure on something, because we must believe without evidence.

Eclectic and enthusiastic.

He gave up himself to find himself.

Nothing is clear to you, is it …
perfect. 😉

Flying over the bright blue open ocean by Vecteezy